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Originally Posted by infernal drummer
singer is a awesome drummer no doubt. (carr defidently seemed like he enjoyed it yes but i dont think he is as good as either fig singer or criss.. sry. :) ) . he does some "cool" things with his drum sticks on the track war maschine on a kiss live dvd.. never heard a solo from him but would love too.. Anton figs drumming on dynasty and unmasked is simply awesome.!! especially the last 20 secunds on x ray eyes.. to bad it wasnt peter :( it was dynasty which got me hooked on kiss..
You said it!!!!War Machine on Rock the Nation DVD,is great!!I can watch Eric over and over again,he makes it look so easy..
I think Eric's amazing..He is definatley one of the reasons i keep on drummin',in the hope that maybe,just maybe,i'll be almost as good as day(fingers crossed)
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