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Default Re: Bonham fills

Hey guys,
Had to chime on on this one.
Bonham is about the feel. You can play a back beat on the front side of 2 and 4 , dead on, or on the backside of 2 and 4. Bonham played on the backside. His recorded tracks always felt like he was about to drag the tempo, but he never did. All the grace notes in between the main notes created his feel. AND many of fills had the bass drum on the upbeat 8th note, not the downbeat 8 th note. IN other words he played on "e ah e ah e ah" NOT 1 & 2 & 3 &, if you get my drift. This made his fills sound different from everyone else. Big drums, big rooms, heavy hands, and a feel that came from passion for drums and music. He is still my fave, and the only guy I have even heard come close (besides Jason Bonham) is the cat who played on Plant's abum he did over in India. They did some Zep covers and added an India flavor and it is SMOKIN. The drummer is awesome as well and really captured the essence of Bonham on those tracks.
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