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Originally Posted by sween
Just started using the forum (although i have been reading with interest for a few months). I love loads of the drummers that have already been mentioned in this forum. Danny Carey, Bonham, John Theodore, Dave Grohl etc.(and loads that haven't, Ian paice, Matt Cameron, Brian Downey.) But one drummer who has really caught my attention recently is Brann Dailor (Mastadon). His chops and speed are incredible but where other metal drummers sacrifice feel and groove his are unreal. His use of ghost notes is superb and though you could argue he over plays it is what makes mastadon's music so exciting. He is a crazily creative drummer. Also a lot of other metal players could learn from him that use double kick drumming only when it feels right. I have seen him twice live and the stuff he nailed to a tee blew me away.
Sorry for being long winded but he is a great inspiration. Any thoughts.
Brann Dailor is one guy(apart from chris adler and danny carey)whose playing can never go out of style!!!!INSANE
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