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Originally Posted by finnhiggins
If you haven't got it already, get yourself "Pig Latin", that's one hell of a funny song. Also "Hollywood Squares" and "When good dogs do bad things".
"Pig Latin" is my favorite tune, along with "When good dogs do bad things."

In my opinion, Mike Patton is nothing more than a genius vocalist; I can't get enough of him and it would be a dream come true if he joined permanantly DEP.

Although I've been listening to the genre for some time now, I've definately got into these "wierdo" styles of metal (DEP, SiKth, Psykup...) lately - I just love the "WTF!? effect" and the creativity involved. The drummers in these bands are real sources of inspiration, in DEP's case, Chris Pennie's versatlilty, that way he shifts from chaos to groovery, is brilliant.

On a side note, the main riff ("Your mother *Jinga!* your father *Jinga!*...) of "Pig Latin" is the ringtone on my cellphone. Everytime I get a call people turn around giving me a wierd look!


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