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i think drumming and lifestyle should be separated. as sad as it is, music and drugs seem to go hand in hand in many situations today. i myself have been an on and off travis fan. needless to say i know for a fact that he has inspired many of the younger generation drummers to pick up a pair of sticks. as for his talent, it certainly is there. after getting really into the drumming scene i realized he wasnt all as great as i had once thought when i was younger.i had come to realize his drumming was nothing special or creative with blink 182 or boxcar racer (despite a few good licks here and there). then i recently saw him play live with the transplants and i was blown away by the creativity. it was a whole new style of playing i had never seen before and it instantaniously made me a travis fan again. Sure, hes hyped up a bit much by media and such, and regardless of the drugs, the man deserves some credit.
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