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yea, i initially didn't like lightning bolt too much, but they are starting to grow on me, especially after getting an advanced copy of hyper magic mountain... hella shows can be iffy, i assume for the most part they turn out well, but i'm also sure that a good many dont turn out so good due to whoever is mixing the sound. my personal preference for hella is not only because of zach hill, but spencer (the guitarist) too. their music has more depth (meaning layers of melody and rhythm) than anything else i've ever heard. i mean the guitarist is just phenomonal and if it were anyone else playing guitar, i probably wouldn't like it as much. the melodies, modulations, and the mere fact that the guitarist can play the part of 2 guitars and a bass all at once on his guitar WHILE ALSO BEING INCREDIBLY TIGHT AND IN TUNE WITH ZACH is what sets them apart from almost any band i've heard. i can confidently say two musicians haven't ever combined technicality and musicality as well or nearly as well as hella. but thats my opinion, to some people, its just incomprehensible noise. but if those people listened to even just one song 20 times over, they'd keep finding more and more aspects that match up and make sense. all their songs are on such a different level it takes many, many listens to fully grasp. that's why i've listened to them consistently for probably a full year right now. tehy never cease to amaze me....

again i wanna stress that i'm not saying "hella is the best anyone else sucks" its just my way of explaining why people should be patient with them, because they may eventually agree with me. and yes, lightning bolt does kick ass. i just wouldn't compare them because the style of music although similar is also at the same time very different, and pointless to compare to the sound lightning bolt strives for. if lightning bolt sounded the same as hella, it would be dissapointing because i really am starting to like their approach, it's different, full of energy, and sounds like just plain old fun. cheers to both bands.
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