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Originally Posted by 0neyellowdrum
One of my many teachers studied with Dave Garibaldi and had many incredible stories about Dave. One story he told was about Dave's incredible independance. One story is this: Dave had been studying ( please excuse the spelling) African Nanyega's (spelled like it sounds). He demonstrated on a drum kit with each limb playing a different rhythm and after a few phrases in a clock-wise fashion he switched the rhythms, what rhythm he was playing with his right hand he was now playing with his right foot, what he was playing with his right foot he was now playing with his left foot and so on. It was amazing how different the whole kit sounded playing all the same rhythms just on different parts of the kit....but what was more incredible was... Dave was talking normal thru the whole demonstration. I can hardly play a beat and talk and when I do it is always in rhythm. After he went clock-wise all around, he came back counter clock-wise. Frickn awesome!!!!
Till next time....stevon

Man, I heard the exact same story about him. It must be insane. Also I cannot play and talk nor play and sing (not saying that I could sing, if I donīt play, lol). Yes, he is a bad bad cat. Check the "Talking Drums" Video or DVD. On these ones he is playing some of this crazy independance stuff and it grooves. Wow!
Funny, that he is actually totally unknown for this ability... Also he has some serious chops going on, but he just uses them in such a musical way, great player.

And one more word about his apathetic look: I think it doesnīt matter, but as you can see, many people realize it, so it seems to be kind of an issue. Especially people that are not into drums and donīt realize that he is playing incredibly hard things and playing these things incredibly good and groovy might be disturbed by that. But I totally agree on the point that all that matters is the sound. Otherwise you might wanna go to a Backstreet Boys Concert instead. Hey, that was a joke!!
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