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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

age: 26
how long a drummer:12yrs
user name: name of my work/live loftspace
top 5 drummers: the dude from necrophagist,gabe from the locust, drummer of orchid/ampere,............lets throw some old drummers in...miych mitchell,john bodham<the latter whom im becoming to appreciate alot more as i get older along with zepplin>
drumkit: vistalite tom and bass, pearl piccolo snare,axis pedal, zil ride 20",scimitar hihats
where do i practice:me and my roomates ripped out an old,non functioning 8 stall bathroom,grosses thing ever, turned it into a jam space
are you in a band:yes, has no name yet and im rerecording a previous band called throne of blood
style of music:throne of blood is metal/grind, the other one is doom metal/sludge
no covers
favorite takeout: general tzos chicken
country: usa
how did i start drumming: got lessons from a berklee grad learning jazz and bluesy jam rock type stuff i was into during junior high school, then my interest turned towards hardcore and metal a bit later on