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[font=Courier New]thanks for the clips, i love to see close ups of drummers playing. i actually got lightning bolt's new album today and its pretty badass. brian is def a very unique, creative, and fast drummer and i really like that about him. that's all there is to it, he should definitely be recognized here for his approach to drumming, which a lot like a huge blitz, not random notes, but a blitz of notes that fit with the music. i believe they are improving as songwriters so definitely a good thing you brought him up.

i don't know if you have tried to see the hella video of biblical violence on their website but i suggest you save it to disk over nite it's always slow as hell.

when you do get it, or if you already have it take notice of his left foot independance. you most likely know he doesn't use double bass, but in between his double strokes with his right foot (ie: ba-boom, ba-boom) he somehow hits the hi hat with his left foot. i guess it's his way of either keeping time or rapidly choking the open hi hat as he often does, but you can see the technique in much of the video. so with the hi hat being pressed but not struck, it sounds like "ba-boom sss ba-boom." Or it can be seen as a RRL triplet - Bass. Bass. Hi Hat Foot.

In the last section of the song, when spencer the guitarist starts tapping with his right hand behind his fretting left hand, zach has an incredible part which is so abstract yet so in tune with the guitarist. i can't describe it accurately in words here is an excerpt from my transcription:

___trips 16ths trips_____16th trips
H |------|----|--------|----|---X--|----|--------|----|---X--|----|----------|
t |o-----|o---|o---o---|o---|o-----|o---|o---o---|o---|o-----|o---|o---o---o-|
S |-ooo--|--O-|-o---O--|--O-|-oooo-|--O-|-o---O--|--O-|-oo--o|--O-|-o---O----|
B |o-oo-o|o---|o-oo---o|o---|o-oo-o|o---|o-oo---o|o---|o-oo-o|o---|o-oo---oo-|
___1tl2tl|1 2 |1tl2tl3 |1 2 |1tl2tl|1 2 |1tl2tl3 |1 2 |1tl2tl|1 2 |1tl2tl3 4 |

C |X----------|------|-----------|------|-----------|------|-----------|----X-|
H |---X-------|------|---X-------|------|---X-------|------|---X-------|------|
t |-------o---|o-----|o------o---|o-----|o------o---|o-----|o---oo-o---|o-----|
S |-oo-ooo--O-|-o--O-|-oo-ooo--O-|-o--O-|-oo-ooo--O-|-o--O-|-oo---o--O-|-o--O-|
B |o--o--oo---|o-oo--|o-oo--oo---|o-oo--|o-oo--oo---|o-oo--|o-oo--oo---|o-oo--|
___1tl2tl3tl4 |1 2 3 |1tl2tl3tl4 |1 2 3 |1tl2tl3tl4 |1 2 3 |1tl2tl3tl4 |1 2 3 |

this also demonstrates the ease with which he switches time signatures and feels (16th note/triplet).

enough for this post.... come on people, check this guy out and tell me what you think! matter of fact one of the best quality bootleg live shows i've ever heard can be found here
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