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Originally Posted by helo700
Hands down Vinnie is the Man, In my opinion the greatest drummer of all time. If you compare his whole body of work to all others, no one else compares. From the simplistic tasty grooves on Stings albums to Frank Zappa's rediculous arrangements.
He can out solo anyone and then lay down tracks for a simple country album. Buddy Rich was the man at jazz, but I truely do not think he could have measured Vinnie's versatility, thats the key. Usually most popular drummers are popular for a particular genre, but listen to Vinnie on Faith Hills albums and you think he is a veteran Nashville
studio cat, then you listen to him with Sting's pop stuff, then listen to his work with Zappa and Karizma. Then you listen to his solo at the Baked Potato (Rediculous). Nobody encompasses his vocabulary,technique,body of work, and last but not least my favorite aspect of Vinnie is his feeling and passion he gives to the drums when he plays.
He feels it. Sorry for the length, but i had to give my 2 Cents. I have studied Buddy, Vinnie, Gadd, taken private lessons with Weckl and Vinnie overall still shines. I do love Weckl though. Here is my last 2Cents--In my opinion these are the top 5 drummers of all time in order Vinnie,Buddy,Gadd,Tony Williams, Dave Weckl. Thanks
I have to say, Vinnie has done almost everything Gadd and Weckl did, but also did Zappa and a friggen Megadeth record.

I hate making such comparisons, but he just sticks out as the guy who takes people's jobs away, drum-wise.

And the scary thing is, there is no style he won't (can't) play.
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