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Default My 67' Ludwig

The Story: I'm 29. I just starting to learn drums. My dad got this kit in the mid eighties at a yard sale for $150.00. I never really took to playing drums then. Instead I leanred to play bass. But know I am interested in drums. So I took the drums out of storage,put new heads on em', and tuned'em up ( I can tune drums since I am audio engineer by trade and its imperitive to know how to tune drums). They sound great. My kick pedal is a yamaha professional model which seems fine. For cymbals, I had a nice zildjian avedis 20" ride from 60s but had no crash and had crappy scimitars hihats. So I bought a pair of Zildjian Avedis Hihats from the 60s, they seem thin but they sound very sweet not clangy like heavier newer hats. I found a crash in the storage room where I do live sound and the manager let me have it since no one claimed it she didnt even know it was there. The crash is 16" A.Zildjian & CEI vintage. Although, I wish someone had left an 18" Zildjian Avedis Thin form 60's cuz thats what I had been looking for on ebay. I also needed hardware so bought some 6000 hardware. K, I'm done. Now I just got to get a teacher.

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