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Originally Posted by bonzo49
Also Ruok I was thinking of gettin that dylan album is it any good?
Musically, I think it is excellent. It's probably one of the most pleasing music I've ever heard come from a Dylan record. All the instruments sound beautiful to me. One of the producers of the album was Barry Becket and he also played the keyboards for the recording. And I can honestly say that the keyboard sound is probably my favorite keyboard recording of all time. Not to mention how great Withers drum and cymbal sound is. And Mark Knopfler's lead guitar sounds just like you would expect....great. Personally, I love and enjoy every song on the disc. But, that's just me.

Many people didn't care for "Slow Train's" lyrics because it was when Dylan was going through his "born again Christian" phase. So, if Christian lyrics bother you, then you may not enjoy the CD.

Slow Train Coming has an overall mellow and smooth feel musically that I really get into. Some of the tunes from Slow Train were eventually re-recorded with Dylan and the guys from the Grateful Dead on the CD called "Dylan and the Dead." Which I really like as well, only not as much as the original versions.
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