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Originally Posted by mikeybbdrummin
I just watched Rush in Rio. Like Neil or not, how anyone can say he is not Musical or is uncreative is beyond me. His solo is not off the top of your head in the moment. Thats what makes him different than most. Its well organized and creative with many different aspects to it IMO. Even back in the day from Exit stage Left. Two different solos. Both w/different parts and ideas that keep you interested. The very original little cowbell part? Need I say more?

No, you don't have to say more, mikey. But you know you can 'cause you express it so
honestly and eloquently. Excellent points and Thank You! We, who know drums, can appreciate what Neil has done for 30+ years with his professionalism, talent, grace, and certainly his humility. He has inspired more drummers on this planet than most and it's really weird to hear anyone have negative comments about him and his contributions to the music industry, let alone the percussion world. Besides, he isn't known as "The Professor" for nothing! Take Care...
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