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Originally Posted by infernal drummer
awesome drummer..
i just found this clip with him from

if link doesnt work searc for "dire straits money" look for the version from wembley arena

dire straits plays, what i think, is the best version of money for nothing.

does anyone know what sixe, brand and cymbals he used? his kit looks awesome..

like those big drums :)
Pick left just before the love over gold, Im pretty sure thats terry williams in the vidio, but its defo not pick. I love dire straits got all there albums, and have to say that after pick left they changed dramatically. I loved picks style and the way his drum parts flowed. He never sounded out of control. He knew how, when and where to place notes to get the perfect sound.

Also Ruok I was thinking of gettin that dylan album is it any good?
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