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Originally Posted by mikei
I enjoy their last two CDs very much. However, I do think that they would be much better, and much more popular if they had even just a decent singer.

Their singer is probably one of the worst singers I have ever heard. I still like them though because of the great music. Great guitar sound, innovative riffs, and the drumming is spectacular.
I can understand you having a hard time getting over the vocals. I really can....especially if you don't listen to extremely heavy music regularly. Personally, I like Randy's voice, and they would not be Lamb Of God (to me)without his vocals. For the long time fan of this band his voice is an important instrument in the music. Popularity has never been the goal of this band, it just happened for them which is such a beautilful way for it to happen. You are right about the riffs and the drumming......spectacular. The Adler brothers are true talent!!
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