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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name: Cameron
age: 33
how long been playing: almost 20 years
origin of user name:. I’m actually a meteorologist and used to play Remo Weatherking heads on my old Tama set. The two just go hand in hand.
top 5 drummers: Peart, Phil Collins, Gadd, Katche, Weckl…Blotzer (RATT) and Pyle (Skynyrd) were big influences too among many, many others.
make of drumkit: (now) Roland TD-8 electric kit—mostly the TD-7 toms and cymbals with PD-80 for the snare and KD-80 for the kick. My surroundings dictated a switch over to electric when I was living in military dorms and apartments…I worked overnight shifts and during my days off (or nights in my case), I could play with headphones and not wake a soul. I still have my old Tama Swingstar set (white), with Sabian cymbals. Now that I have a house and space, I may incorporate the pads with the acoustic set.
make of cymbal: Sabian
where do you practice: Basement
are you in a band/s: No
covers or originals: none
what style of music: Classic rock, hard rock, pop, funk.
favourite take out food: Hooters hotwings!
country: USA
one really odd fact about yourself: Pet peeve: Ceran Wrap--that stuff is impossible to tear!
how did you start drumming: A junior high band played in the auditorium and it was the first time I saw a drumkit up close. I was enamored by the glimmer and sheer beauty of the cherry red Tama Imperial Star kit. I’ve been hooked ever since and drumming has truly been my passion. My drumming has improved with the help of Drummerworld and all the video clips. I taught myself to play and grew up listening to Skynyrd, Ratt (yes, a metal head at one point), then to my favorite…RUSH!

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