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One of my many teachers studied with Dave Garibaldi and had many incredible stories about Dave. One story he told was about Dave's incredible independance. One story is this: Dave had been studying ( please excuse the spelling) African Nanyega's (spelled like it sounds). He demonstrated on a drum kit with each limb playing a different rhythm and after a few phrases in a clock-wise fashion he switched the rhythms, what rhythm he was playing with his right hand he was now playing with his right foot, what he was playing with his right foot he was now playing with his left foot and so on. It was amazing how different the whole kit sounded playing all the same rhythms just on different parts of the kit....but what was more incredible was... Dave was talking normal thru the whole demonstration. I can hardly play a beat and talk and when I do it is always in rhythm. After he went clock-wise all around, he came back counter clock-wise. Frickn awesome!!!!
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