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Default Re: Favourite Forum Member(s)

Originally Posted by Drummer Karl
lol, interessting thread...hehe, I always got such a push of extra enthusiasm when I read my name....hahahaha...

I have nor real favorites, everybody here is "nice", even Class A can be a nice guy if he really wants lol
but I like Bernhard, DB, Nutha, Stu, Finn, MFB, franklinJ, aarbo (he is also German and he is very nice, check him out :-D), Rudimental Drummer, rendezvous_drummer, aahz, pdp 9091, britt, radiofriendly...(sorry, the name is difficult), TopCat, Fat Elvis, Wega!!, and never forget theduke86!! ...and Joe Morris and Billy Ward, also great guys!

I guess I`ve forgotten some other great guys!

EDIT: I`ve forgotten Hateplow!!...and Jollymosher! --- great guy!

Thanks karl! although i dont think you missed a single member lol

And no problem Jay B. you are a great member.

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