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Default Re: Favourite Forum Member(s)

Originally Posted by Salicete

Advice is useless if it comes off as arrogant of if the person asking the question is made to feel as if its a "newbie," or silly question, and some folks here are really good at avoiding that, even when the questions are very basic, or from drummers who may have just gotten their first kit that very day.
Yeah thats pretty much what made me post in the first place. I have been playing for a good few years and browsed the site and forums for 6 months before joining in on the forum. And I knew that I could ask any question and not feel like an idiot!

I dont really post much in the way of helping people although if a topic comes up and I feel I can add to it I do. I am still soaking up info that I should have been learning from the start of my drumming days! are all my favourite members.
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