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Default Re: Favourite Forum Member(s)

Originally Posted by nhzoso
I See Glynes, Fooleze, and mlehnertz, and Guiness, I see Dogbreath, and Lowender, and Nutha

Ok show your age, what show is that from??
I don't know if it was called the same name worldwide, but we used to have a show called Romper Room and Miss Helena used to look through her "magic mirror" at the end of the show to see who she could see sitting at home watching. I remember having a huge tantrum coz I hid from her and she still saw me!

Originally Posted by Paradiddle my snizzle
Well, we all know who is going to win the "Youngest looking female for her age-member"!!!
Are you referring to me? I've been waiting to get older so it works to my advantage, instead of when I was like 21 and people thought I was 12
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