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If anyone is not familiar with the song Magnum Opus... you should be! what an intense piece of music! [/QUOTE]

I totally agree with you there. It's almost not fair to call Magnum Opus a "song" because of all the unique and various parts in it. I think many have accurately labeled Kansas' music as Baroque-progressive-rock. I've always been a huge Ehart fan and I have always felt he has not received the credit he deserves for his talents.

I highly recommend for all Kansas fans Kerry Livgren's solo album from 1980 called "Seeds of Change." It has Phil Ehart and Barriemore Barlow of Jethro Tull playing drums on all but one track and the performances by both are simply perfect. Ronnie James Dio, Steve Walsh, Jeff Pollard and David Pack also appear on the album.

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