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Default Re: Breaking sticks left and right...

Sounds like you've got some good advice here, let's review...

1. you play A LOT for long periods of time...breakage increases
2. you play fairly hard, with lots of rim shots
3. you're using a large stick...

When I was younger, I broke a lot of sticks, so I'd bought those "bucket" sticks for dirt cheap my shop had on sale, usually no-namers.

However, once my playing got better, and I began to mature as a musician, I found I stopped hitting so hard, and started pulling the sound out of the drum, which sounded better, fit in better with the band, and saved on sticks.

I also noticed I broke most of my stick because I was hitting the shoulder hard on the bell of my ride, trying to cut through the wall of sound my guitarist was putting up. One well placed hit was all it took to snap the shaft. Watch out for that...

The other thing you might try, is using little or no muffle on your drums. This will make them much louder, but also increase the ringing, which may cause you not to hit the rim so hard, if a tap gets your sound...

Good luck
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