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Default Re: Favourite Forum Member(s)

Originally Posted by MSUMetal
I'd have to agree on liking quite a few, there's enough of them that I wouldn't want to list in fear of forgetting someone. MFB, Stu (who still posts here and there I see), the admins, Bernhard are all good examples though. Womble, Gruntersdad, Finhiggins (especially when he and Stu argue)...etc. just too many.
Thanks Michigan for the mention. Im just trying to represent the senior citizen or "old school" lads. I try my best to burn thru the google and website questions and offer aid where i can. I will be on a limited amount, except for what I can sneak in at work now, since my trusty Dell crashed last nite. I will say however the blue glow makes a nice nite light.
Suum Cuique
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