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Originally Posted by IDDrummer
As a rule, I'm not a huge fan of drum solos. However, I like Neil's solos because they are so well structured. They truly are pieces of music rather than simply a technical showpiece.

I have been a Rush fan for nearly thirty years, and the debate about Neil (and Rush, for that matter) always kind of amuses me. In some cases I can see a person's point, maybe even agree with it (for example, Neil is a bit stiff playing jazz), but it doesn't matter to me. I like what I like, and the band's music literally is a part of my life. Their development has mirrored my development in many ways. I don't play in Neil's style at all, but he's been an inspiration, nonetheless.

Neil Peart and Rush have given me great joy through the years; I'm thankful for the work they have done.
My sentiments parallel yours except for the solo part, I do enjoy them when they are well done.

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