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Originally Posted by Kevlar
My tabla...admittedly, I don't really know how to play them properly. I'm going to find a teacher soon. They're just such a beautiful instrument(s).

A few of my instruments together: toy drum from China, temple blocks, odd cowbells, the tabla, shekere, and dumbek (which hasn't shown up well in this picture).
I play tabla, but have never studied the Ragas. I had a few lessons in Varanassi to get the basic techniques and then when I got home practiced, but to western rhythms. Its an incredible instrument and takes a lifetime and a bit more commitment than I can give to master them properly, but I have used them in bands and in recordings nevertheless

I also play djembe and darbuka, but more traditionally the djembe, it's a fantastic drum.

As for congas, I have no idea about the techniques used to play them but would love to learn, they seem incredibly involved... too many drums not enough spare time
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