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Default Re: Vinnie Colauita

Originally Posted by jazzsnob
If you guys are talking about the battle with gadd, weckl and vinnie., I just don't know how you could look at that and doubt steve gadd. Oh god, Steve just played so beautifully. I mean, Vinnie and Dave didn't do anything I hadn't seen them do before, but Steve completely owned that snare piece.

Vinnie's amazing of course, but that one time, I think he isn't the one that shines.
Well, from the perspective of discussing it within the Vinnie threaad - He is the one that shines.
This is a bit of a techy question, but it looks on some footage i've seen that Vinnie's sig. snare (the white one with black hware) has shortened rim hoops i.e. they rise up lower iver the surface of the batter. Does anyone know if drum companies do this? It seems like a credible custom idea as it might make rimshotting/clicking easier...
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