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Default Re: What made you want to play drums more than anything?

I remember very very clearly "What makes me play the drum"

I had a band when I was 15 years of age. I am the guitarists....and in our 1st Jamming Session...I told my drummer. I want to be the drummer and you can either be our Singer or take over my place. Everyone ask me why ... I said I love the Drum ... and I think I make a better drummer than being a guitarists. But honestly I had never played a Drum in my life...I just had that PASSION in me.

The next thing, I was laid a challenge by all of my band members...I was the youngest then. If I could be a better drummer than the existing drummer...I shall have the option of replacing him. We both went to his Drum Instructor, where I have to pay to learn and I am only given 2 months to do it better than him (our drummer only took up drumming for 2 months then). Naturally we are playing & learning the same stuffs. My band members accompany me & him in our practice.

The 1st time I play the drum ... I could just do it so smoothly and in less than 6 lesson of 1hrs each ....the instructor had nothing to teach me....I had finished his material (I guess he must be only an Intermediate Drummer too at that time, but I was indeed a fast learner and can read very well..everything seems to be co-ordinating, I was surprise myself. Needless to say, my instructor says I was good & cut for drumming to my band members) It is from here I know ...I will and should do better in drumming than any other instruments....that was good news ... the bad news is....I did not become the drummer of that band ... all band members disolve because of me (I was wrong too...but I was young)...from then on ..... Eric is my name & Drumming is my Game.

I went on to join other bands.

And today, if anyone of you here were to ask I good in my drumming....I would say NO......I'm still not good enough, and I am now putting in countless hours of effort in perfecting my drumming....I won't ever be the best...but I will be one good drummer .... someday, somehow....and hopefully within a couple of years from now...That's my dream !

I strongly believed that - "Drummers Are Not Born" but "Are Made" ..... It takes a lot of hardwork to be good in drumming and hardwork bleed success. This still hold true to me. As such I've learn to respect good drumming - these drummers must have put in countless hours & effort to be where they are today....and they do derserve RESPECT.
Cheers my brothers

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