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Default Re: Kick Drum Microphones

I have been using the Audix D6 for a few years and I have never been happier with a kick drum mic. Almost every single show some sound guy mentions the kick sound at some point. And the reaction is usually the same: "Oh no wonder, it's an Audix".

I have tried/owned most of the others like the D112, Sennheiser E602, Audio-Technica AE2500 and the Beta 52, but the Audix has this EQ'd sound right out of the box that is simply incredible. What they basically did is scooped the mids, added some punch somewhere around 50-80hz., and added some snap in the upper mids/low highs. Awesome click and articulation -- and deep, tube-like low end is the result with no EQ at all. And the overall sound is massive.

Even if your drum doesn't sound all that great in the room, it will now. You can tweak the sound response a little bit just by moving the placement in relation to the beater. Some of the other mics I listed sound similar on any kick you throw it in. The D6 has the magic ability to not only clearly distinguish between different shell types and sizes, but also make drums that don't sound all that great within the acoustics of a given room....sound great. I am not saying that this mic will make your 1982 CB 700 kick drum sound like a GMS Grand Master tweaked by Drum Doctors, but it is definately very forgiving.

If you don't have the EQ capability on your board, or you just don't want to fiddle with a bunch of stuff to get a great kick sound, get the D6. If you can justify spending $180-200 on one, look no further -- this is the golden child.

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