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yes, i agree with stu. listen to bonzo and then if you can try to listen to a few zep covers and see how, in spite of playing the drum parts correctly, the drummer somehow fails to sound 'bonham'. even try recording yourself doing a few bonham pieces and you probably will hear something missing.
i've made bonham the central character in my drumming for more than 10 years. i do not wish to copy his chops but i do try to emmulate 2 aspects of his drumming:
- his creativity (which is to say that i must be original if i can but approach the new song in the way i believe he would attack it)
- his feel (volume and placement and all)

i listen and have listened to zep nearly every day for the last decade so in a way i judge all other drummers against that backgound...and while a lot of them have more chops i find the feel is not there. some do have it tho. abe laboriel jr is a good exampleof a drummer in this category:

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