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Originally Posted by kornslipknot
I personally think that a lot of people on this thread havnt even seen his solo, they are just trying to go along with the crowd, possibly because of their dislike for Slipknot.

Joey is an awsome drummer and a huge inspiration to me. If people dislike his playing then whatever, but if you call him unskillful then your just ignorent.
I've seen the solo, live in concert and it was far more interesting live than watching it on the internet. He's got chops, but it really works better in Slipknot's music. Soloing to me, is the drums' attempt at being melodic and telling a complete musical story. It's not a bunch of doublebass blasts and tom/bass combos. Maybe as he gets older, his solos will become more melodic.

It's not bad stuff at all... and the crowd digs it, as did I.. the crowd also buys the records. I guess you can't argue with what makes them happy.
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