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Well Wile E.,Mr. Bonham would send chills up club owners backs that's why they would not let a band that Bonham was their drummer play,he was one of the first drummers to play their kit with their hands,have a Gong and kettle(typani) drums into a standard 5 piece kit.His groove and style was and still is unmatched.too this day 26 yrs. after his death he is still one of the most influencial rock drummers if not the most of all time.he did so much with so little.have a go at "achilles last stand","moby dick","bonzo's montreux","the lemon song",one of my favorites "poor tom".and when you watched him there is always something cool when you see him try to beat the hell out of his kit on one song and bring a seat and a tamborine to the front of the stage when Led Zeppelin would do their acoustic set(which they were one of the first hard rock bands to do).not to mention the antics that went on backstage.But hey different strokes for different fokes.I always try to find something cool in every drummer famous or not that I least their not one of those goofy Guitar players(lol).

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