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David Garibaldi is one of my all time favorite drummers. He just fits into this band perfectly. But there is one thing that I actually found problematic when I saw him live with ToP: His facial expressions made it seem like he was bored to hell at that gig. Iīm sure he wasnīt actually, but he looked that way. The thing about that was that me myself didnīt have a problem with that at all, but all my friends who were there too did. And none of them was a drummer... So they all agreed on the point that they did love the band, but thoght that their drummer sucked since he wasnīt a real part of the party on stage. That showed me how important it seems to be to be part of the show on stage and make everybody in the audience feel good only by your pure personality.

Of course I gave each of my friends who didnīt like his playing a big fat kick in their butt. Ignorants.... How can they claim that they dislike THE MASTER OF FUNK because he looks bored???? Didn`t they listen? After all he just played great!

I love his playing a lot and always will!
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