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Default Re: Has anyone installed the MAY mics in their drums without the no-drill adapter?

Originally Posted by Vipercussionist
I have had MayEA in my kick drums since they first came out with them! My first one WAS with the drilless mount, but then I just said to heck with it and installed it straight away.

I also modified the installation a bit by using as short an extension as possible and mounting the Mic as far from the batter head as possible and pointing it directly at the point of impact.

I wanted to allow it to get the OOMPHFF of the drum rather than getting it too close and it being overwhelmed by the attack. I figured it wouldn't be too hard to get high end out of it with it inside the drum but I wanted the option of as much LOW end as possible.

The first one I had had the AKG D12E,
and now I've changed to the AKG D112,
they BOTH received RAVE reviews from EVERY sound man I ever worked with.

They're worth every penny I spent on them.

The drums I have had them installed in are as follows ALL drums with full heads NO HOLES!!:

24x16 1980's Gretsch - w/ Emperor batter - Ludwig heavy coated resonant (D12E)

26x14 1950's Slingerland Radio King - w/ Emperor batter - Fiberskyn 3 resonant (D12E)

26x14 1999 Ludwig Classic - w/ Emperor batter - Ludwig heavy coated resonant (D12E)

and currently:
24x14 1970's Ludwig Classic - w/ Emperor batter - Ludwig heavy coated resonant head (D112)

mtsu? Middle Tennessee State U?

I use the D112s in my kick drums and my 15" floor tom. SM57s in the rack toms.
I went to this after the drunk chick singer in my band kept tripping over the mic stand, thus tearing the front drum head up! She was fun to look at but hard to be around.

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