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Originally Posted by geek_boy_in
after listening to all the praises in this thread .. i just heard a couple of meshuggah songs ......... umm well .... didn't like it ...... no melody ..... but yes a lot of aggression .. and better than other gutteral bands ....... but the target market of this type of band is post juvenile pre-adult listeners who gets angry at anything and everything in the world ....

but nontheless Tomas Haake samples in DFH site is really very intense ...
I understand what you are saying here but from what I've found, Meshuggah has a wide reaching fan base, if you go to their forum their are all kinds of different people. Their lyrical concepts, especially the newer stuff, aren't at all similar to what you described. Again from my experience, their fans enjoy their music because of its technicality and agressiveness, but they also enjoy many other types of music. I don't know many people who listen to this band because they are angry at the world, more because they understand what the band is trying to accomplish and can respect the amazing technicality and structure.
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