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Default Re: Has anyone installed the MAY mics in their drums without the no-drill adapter?

I have had MayEA in my kick drums since they first came out with them! My first one WAS with the drilless mount, but then I just said to heck with it and installed it straight away.

I also modified the installation a bit by using as short an extension as possible and mounting the Mic as far from the batter head as possible and pointing it directly at the point of impact.

I wanted to allow it to get the OOMPHFF of the drum rather than getting it too close and it being overwhelmed by the attack. I figured it wouldn't be too hard to get high end out of it with it inside the drum but I wanted the option of as much LOW end as possible.

The first one I had had the AKG D12E,
and now I've changed to the AKG D112,
they BOTH received RAVE reviews from EVERY sound man I ever worked with.

They're worth every penny I spent on them.

The drums I have had them installed in are as follows ALL drums with full heads NO HOLES!!:

24x16 1980's Gretsch - w/ Emperor batter - Ludwig heavy coated resonant (D12E)

26x14 1950's Slingerland Radio King - w/ Emperor batter - Fiberskyn 3 resonant (D12E)

26x14 1999 Ludwig Classic - w/ Emperor batter - Ludwig heavy coated resonant (D12E)

and currently:
24x14 1970's Ludwig Classic - w/ Emperor batter - Ludwig heavy coated resonant head (D112)
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