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Default Re: Cutting a hole in the bass drum...How big, etc...

I have a Mapex Pro M 2006 kit and it sounds amazing. It didn't come with a hole, I first wanted to cut one in there, but I can't part with the sound it gives me; so much warmth, so much boom, so much maple resonation, gets you right in the guts. Although, I had to learn to play with my beater off the drum without using the heel down technique cuz I play rock head so it resonates to its full potential, cuz if you got no hole and you leave your beater on the bass drum, you're choking it and muffling it so if you play with the beater on the bass drum better off with a whole cuz you won't get a nice sound with no hole resonant head by leaving the beater on.

no hole is awesome, but the rebound may be a bitch at first...
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