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Originally Posted by Thinshells
Dave is great. Except I hate his signiture sticks. They seem to be identical to the Gadd sticks, except they are brown, not black. Thin sticks with a tiny bead of a head. Yeck.

Oh yeah...his work: Dave has INCREDIBLE chops, Master plan and his other material is just amazing to listen to.

And actually his new evolution stick is very meaty and weighted at the front end...

NouveauCliche, great post earlier. I too am a huge Weckl fan I don't know if you read my earlier post but I have all 10 of his CD's and 4 of his 8 videos/dvd's. His work with Gruber clearly demonstrates he understood his playing though was incredible could be much looser and efficient. And he set out to do that just like Peart did studying with Gruber to totally re-learn how to play better. I don't think people realize the dedication it takes to re-learn technique especially when your at the level Weckl was already at before he studied with Gruber. Most of us me included would probably be to stubborn to take on a challenge like that.

If you don't have Multiplicity I suggest getting it I got it the first day it came out and haven't stopped listening to it yet.
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