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Originally Posted by finnhiggins
Err... music? You must really hate music if the only reason for you to play the drums is to work on technique and mechanics. It's sort of like saying "Yeah, I totally want to learn to drive - then I can spend my days sitting in my garage tuning the engine of my souped-up car". Personally, I wanted to drive so I could take my drums to gigs without having to bum a lift. Likewise, I work on my technique because I want to be able to play music without screwing up.

The statement above really threw me for six. I can't honestly comprehend how a musician could think like that, unless they really have no love of music whatsoever.

obviously you misunderstood my statement..."You must really hate music" is now the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard.

You just don't get it and sadly you probably never will. But I will try to explain again, on this fourm all I hear about is people wanting to get better with their feet, hands, fingers etc which all involves what? Developing your technique... We all play for the music part of it obviously BUT you can't play well if you don't have certain technical aspects of drumming down. Correct? None of us has ever just sat down on a kit and had good technique from the begining, we all got there through developing our technique. Weckl just happens to have god given technique but also incredible practice habits.

So in my opinion saying someone is TOO TECHNICAL is a ridiculous statement or more so an envious or jealous statement, let's be honest. I'm not saying Weckl's style appeals to everyone, I believe I said that earlier, but to say he or any drummer on his level is too technical will never be understood by me. Remember it is very possible to be very technical and musical at the same time it is called being a: PROFESSIONAL MUSICIAN.
"Without the drummer music is just alot of noise!"
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