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Default Re: Breaking sticks left and right...

You're breaking 5Bs? Holy crap. Then again, if you're playing a 4 hour gig, daily, you're going to break sticks far more often than 1 pair per month. When I was gigging regularly, I'd break them once a week - or at least chew threw a single stick on my hi-hat or shatter a shank from heavy rimshots.

I do hear the Vic Firth quality thing. I switched to Vaters because of low quality in the VF sticks I was purchasing.

Originally Posted by aahznightsky
I've totaled three pairs of sticks so far on my new drumset since I got it, probably around two months back. Is that too often? I use vic firth 5B's, and I'm thinking I've trying Vater to see if they're more durable ... either their 5B or the Josh Freese signature

what do you think? Am I breaking these things too often and I should try tougher sticks? I know there was a thread a while back about vic firth losing quality and stuff ....

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