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Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON
i'm sorry but he was no way the best in that battle. they were all great and different. to own a battle, as you put it, you have to be clearly above the other drummers league. besides gadd does less in that battle but he is solid ...SOLID. THAT BASS DRUMMING FIGURE HE DOES OVER THE CADET STUFF IS SOOOOOO COOL. and did you hear the audience when he goes onto his cowbell?

vinnie is a great drummer.... that is all.

You must not have seen the same vid that I saw. As much as I respect gadd and weckle they are just not as versatile or as talented. Gadd has had his time as a great innovater and weckle was just to close to vinnie in age to not stand in his shadow. I saw vinnie two nights ago in orlando with jeff beck and I have to say the he played with the vigor of a twenty year old. And the same goes for the 89 buddy vid, he possesed a command of the drums that I haven't seen before. He seemed to be in a competition with his self every he got a chance to solo outdoing the phrase before. The substance in his playing was so superior how could you not see it?
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