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Default Re: Went to a Thomas Lang Clinic last night..

firstly lang is austrian, secondly i went to see him a week ago in clinic and he was amazing.

we got in and the young drummer of the year played, great drummer, you described him brilliantly, the overall solo's did nothing realy for me but i could still apreatiate him.
Lang on the other hand blew me away, im not a fan of the whole metal thing but he does it so well a total one minded "i hate metal drumming" person would have to appreatiate it. His indipendance and amazingly technical playing is not shown fully on the clips on this site, you literaly have to see and hear him with your own eyes and ears to believe it!
im so glad i went, i never loved his playing as much as i should have before i saw him in the flesh, and muscle of which there is alot!

best quotes from the night....thomas was explaining to the ordiance that drumming is very competative but its not all, im better at playing fast chops and awesome solo style one bar fills that dont go with the music, and he happend to say even if it was such a race...."even if it was like that, id win anyway"

the next was a drunk guy from the ordiance asked him how long hed been playing, and he replied something along the lines of thirty years, and added that he started at five.....the drunk then shouted in awe and stupidity...."YOUR FIFTY!?!?!?!"
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