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Default Re: Went to a Thomas Lang Clinic last night..

Originally Posted by smoggrocks
it don't hurt that he makes good eye candy, too.
Lang's was the only drum DVD that my fiance would gladly watch with me. I would be drooling at the drumming and she would be drooling at his arms. As a result we watched that DVD quite a bit.
This may sound kind of freakish, but you know how some couples might watch an adult movie to liven up the mood a bit... That's all I'm going to say, use your imagination. HA

One time I had on the Steve Smith DVD, and she came home from work and saw it. He had that killer Hawaiian shirt on and spoke in that gentle if not dainty way of his. Her comment was: "I bet he'd be fun to go shopping with." How observant, I thought.
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