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Originally Posted by Bernhard
This is just a bit unfair in my opinion. I stood right beside hime at PASIC and I was really impressed by his powerful playing. Double as loud as most of the other drummers. This you don't get in the DVD!!!! And very precise. I compared live and know now, why he won the MD awards and fully agree.

Great and nice guy also with huge wide professional background for many years ....also as a teacher. Comments on jazz or latin are in this case really inappropriate.


First of all, thanks Bernhard for this amazing site...
then, i agree with you about Jason, i really love his style and it's not important who is the faster in the world...we are talking about style, not only during a solo but also about the work with the band and all the stuff he is able to put in his songs!
I didn't know so much about Jason before reading and watching his video on Drummerworld but immediatly after i watched the videos, i bought on amazon his Dvd with Chris Adler... ^__^
it's a pity i live in Italy... i want Jason as a teacher!!!! ^__^
Drummers, are the heartbeat of the universe!!

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