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Default Re: John Bonham's Dazed and Confused Riff

i disagree. its one of his chops he did use often.

ian said:
"I know it means to be alone...." and then more toward the end of the song.

Simple, but it requires lots of practice to implement it so that it grooves. Basically all you do it play the last two notes of the triplet with your bass drum.

1-bass-drum 2-bass-drum 3-bass-drum 4-bass-drum. Play it V E R Y S L O W L Y until it's perfect... set a metronome at 60 and play it like SNARE-BASS-BASS, SNARE-BASS-BASS... until you are comfortable... then HAT-BASS-BASS... etc. Eventually as you gradually increase the speed and pay attention to your foot technique, making sure each bass note sounds equally, you'll be able to use it within a swung funk groove and you'll get that lick down.
which is the correct description but for a chop in the WRONG SONG...''I know it means to be alone...." is from good times bad times.

i think XAkitAX is referring to the chop bonzo pulls out at the end of the washy guitar solo just before the time signature changes back to 6/8.
this chop is found in other places too (the dvd has several views of it)

it is a triplet cross over. between his snare then his toms always with the third strike on the bass.
L.R.....L..R......L..R......L..R........repeat 4 times and then a massive FLAM on the snare.
...........................CROSS OVER

for an alternative on this where the right hand leads the triplets see this video by Gerson Lima Filho...
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