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Default Re: John Bonham's Dazed and Confused Riff

Originally Posted by Ian Ballard
You must be referring to the bass drum triplets he's playing. If this is what you are referring to, he plays it straight away but towards the end, he plays it continually though, "I know it means to be alone...." and then more toward the end of the song.

Simple, but it requires lots of practice to implement it so that it grooves. Basically all you do it play the last two notes of the triplet with your bass drum.

1-bass-drum 2-bass-drum 3-bass-drum 4-bass-drum. Play it V E R Y S L O W L Y until it's perfect... set a metronome at 60 and play it like SNARE-BASS-BASS, SNARE-BASS-BASS... until you are comfortable... then HAT-BASS-BASS... etc. Eventually as you gradually increase the speed and pay attention to your foot technique, making sure each bass note sounds equally, you'll be able to use it within a swung funk groove and you'll get that lick down.

sorry...those arent bass drum triplets. Those are his snare- tom -tom- bass triplets
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