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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name: Mark
age: 39=Born in 1966
how long been playing: since I was strong enough to hit mom's pots & pans with wooden spoons
origin of user name: I'm very brand-loyal when I find something I like... my drums are Yamahas & so are 4 of my 5 motorcycles. I have so much fun with my Yamahas, that when I applied for my license plate, I thought of combining the brand-name and laughter: YAHAHA was born.
top 5 drummers: Bozzio, Bonham (John), Bissonnette... Oh, Animal always cracked me up... remember Animal vs. Buddy Rich on the Muppet Show? Ha ha ha!
make of drumkit: Yamaha RTC w/ turbo size toms=cannons!
make of cymbal: Zildian Platinums with Paiste 15" colorsound hi-hats seperated and used as ride/crash cymbals.
where do you practice: home or bandmates homes
are you in a band/s: I play in a concert band as well as rock bands
covers or originals: both
what style of music
Concert band= marches, classical, contemporary
Rock Band= classic rock, hard rock, funk
favourite take out food: pizza
country: USA
one really odd fact about yourself: One day I asked my mom, "when the people make songs, how do they know what [notes] to play when?"
how did you start drumming: When I was 2, I would drag out all my mom's pots & pans and hit them with her different cooking utensils. I started concert band in 5th grade and learned about music notes. I got my first "real" drumset @ 13 and spent hours everyday trying to figure out how to play KISS songs on the set. Once I figured out the whole 1&3 / 2&4 thing, it was easy! Mom would sit on my bed and listen as I played for hours. God bless her.

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