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Originally Posted by bighaibigdrums
Ask 10 people (nondrummers) who Steve Gadd is. Then ask them who Tommy Lee is. Then compare bank accounts and you'll see why he does this stuff.
LMAO!!! First of all, you have no idea what either man's financial situation is like. For all you know Tommy is bankrupt and doing these reality shows to keep himself afloat.

Honestly, I'll bet 10... or 100 average Joes on the street would have heard more recordings done by Steve Gadd than Tommy Lee and you know what, that's what matters. The difference between the two of them (moreso than Gadd's infinately greater talent and Tommy's giant member), is that Gadd doesn't care if his name is plastered all over the things he does and that's what makes his character and personality superior. He doesn't need glitzy, glam-rock bullcrap to make people respect and care about him. Gadd just does things that make people happy, regardless if they even realize he's playing.

The ability to make your mark with style and humility is the secret to being truly great at something. Playing with lit torches in a motorized cage is not.
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