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the main reason they're so expensive is because of the large hoels /"vents"they have in their snares
Sorry, but I can't see an extra $1000-$1500 in vents. A drill press and a large enough cutting bit... It would be very similar to actually drilling the shell for the lugs/various visual crap they put on their drums to appeal to rich people that don't care for sound/sonic appeal.

OCDP's price boils down to borderline extortion and greed. They most likely make their sales from Travis Barker fans. One 'swiss-cheeserized' snare peppered with ridiculous decorations would probably pay for 2 whole Keller shell packs with hardware, which in turn would probably pay for about 5 more kits. They have a HUGE budget/profit margin.

I could never, nor think of any intelligent (about drums) person that would pay such money for a snare that looks like it has barely survived a bout with a small cannon.

Then again, I'm also told that the ZXT titaniums sound 'really good, really high quality' and 'they were the best at the shop'. If somebody chooses those tinny-sounding cymbals, coated with silver that makes them sound more tinny, for the price that one could've got professional cymbals... I think they deserved to get ripped off.

^I sound grumpy, don't I?
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