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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

Real Name: Olav Lindhard Finken
Age: 17
How long have I been playing?: 7 years
Top 5 Drumers: Colaiuta, Blackwell, Townsley, Greb, Jens Stoklund Jensen
Drumkit:Pearl Export ELX, 12"T 13"T 16"F 14"S 22"B
Cymbals: Meinl Amun 14" Hats, 16" Crash and 20" Paiste Alpha Dry Ride
Where do I practice: At home
Am I in a band: Yeah check out
Style of music: I wide taste ranging from Slipknot to Slow Jazz ballads and all the things in between except mainstream pop. B
Band style: a sort of garage rock
Favorite take away food: Pizza
country: Denmark
How did I start playing the drums: When I was eight my father gave me a pair of drumsticks and so I began hitting library books and furniture so eventually he gave me a set of real drums. I started taking lessons at the age of 10...
Odd Fact: When not looked upon I still poke my nose :P ...