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Default Re: Freddie Gruber - GURU

Originally Posted by Funkydew
I watched the clip of Gruber's clinic, hoping to see him play even one stroke, but he just teases you. He talks as if he is talking to children, which, combined with the extremely vague explanations, makes for a very irritating session. If you watch any of the technique masters, like Morello of chapin, they just can't stop playing, and their exuberance is just overflowing. But this guy shows us nothing.

I hugely prefer Dom Famularo's approach: cheerful, straight forward, and full of playing examples. Granted, In three short "cyber lessons" Dom explains the grips. If Gruber taught some of the masters of today, I bow my head in deferrence, his genious just does not show on this video. FD
Well, there are many teachers but Freddie seems to be different. He's a coach for pros, not a teacher...he starts, where the teachers end. Dave Weckl changed his playing 180 degrees. He take a look at a drummer and give some advice. Seems to work with worldclass drummers

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